Re-announcement of CIYA Staff Recruitment for the position of Finance and Admin Officer (FAO); Deadline of application: 30 June 2012 at 17:00PM

សមាគមយុវជនជនជាតិដើមភាគតិចកម្ពុជា (ស.យ.ជ.ក)

Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA)

Address: #34; St. 222, Beung Rang, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Po.Box: 1436; Fax: 855 23216482; 855 (0) 555 0440

Re-announcement:  We are URGENTLY re-seeking the potential candidates to fulfill the position of Finance and Admin Officer (FAO).

Born in 2005, CIYA is an association of the indigenous youths in the whole country of Cambodia and is the first national indigenous peoples (IP) organization. In 2008 CIYA registered with the Ministry of Interior. After five years of its operation, CIYA becomes much stronger and is now playing important roles in the civil society among the organizations working with IP communities and IP organizations. Compared to the commence of the association, whom the members were only 9 peoples, CIYA now has more than five hundred members and is working in 8 provinces and thirty two indigenous communities where there are many indigenous people living. With its vision to get indigenous people with strong, prosperous, and able to protect their natural resources, traditions, cultures, and rights, CIYA has two important missions to fulfill which are inter-cooperative. The first mission is to build up the quality of the IP youth through education and careers/professions and empowerment, and the second mission is to use these IP youth resources to address the issues of the IP communities, and especially the issues of lands and natural resources, and indigenous identity preservation.We are working with the national, regional and international indigenous peoples organizations. In Cambodia we work in collaboration and cooperation with IP NGOs Network (IPNN), Cambodia Indigenous Peoples Alliance (CIPA), in the regional level we work with Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), and in international level we work with Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC). CIYA is also a member of AIPP.We have three core programs funded by McKnight Foundation and Henrich Böll Foundation and other two projects by EU and Misereor via AIPP. These programs and projects respectively named as program of Education Support & Youth Networking (ES&YN), Community Support (CS), Communication Component (CC) and project of Indigenous Leadership Training (ILT) and Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders, Advocacy and Documentation (IPHRDAD).CIYA now is urgently re-seeking qualified and experienced candidates to fulfill the position of a Finance and Admin Officer (FAO) based in Phnom Penh however all staff frequently travels to the province). This position is now open to all potential candidates – both indigenous peoples and Cambodian (Khmer). The deadline of application is postponed to the 30th June 2012.
A Finance and Admin Officer (FAO)—Duties and Requirements,

*** Very urgent.

*** Deadline: June 30, 2012 (application submission)

I.                 Duties:


1.   Prepare and keep safely all administrative documents related to association operation, contract and agreement or MoU between CIYA and partners.

2.   Prepare out and in contact letters and ensure accuracy in flowing of that letters.

3.   Prepare and manage other relevant letters and list of out and in letter properly, and keep them orderly

4.   Assist to prepare travel and contact documents with presenting the date of the travels,

5.   Facilitate and make an appointment between the president and quest as necessary

6.   Compile and prepare other copy documents in a safe manner.

7.   Record on inventory and logistics on a regularly update basis

8.   Arrange the meeting and conference as request and necessary

9.   Facilitate the working team and provide necessary training for team capacity build,

10. Keep both inside and outside association office clean,

11. Prepare an application form for recruiting a new member or staff,

12. Facilitate and coordinate to take a minute or write a report in the staff and management meeting,

13. Contact the relevant networks such as national and international NGOs or the institutions of the government to inform the association or members,

14. Be a signatory on other relevant documents as approved by the president,

15. Facilitate the contract processing with donors,

16. Responsible for recording and keeping documents,

17. Communicate with a national and international partnership organizations to request for other relevant documents as needed,

18. Use and maintain all office materials as well as the office safety,

19. Report to the president, and responsible for organizing the association work in the office for the improvement, and good services for members,

20. Provide the leadership with creativity for the full strength to association improvement in administration,

21. Every out and in letter must be handed to the program coordinator before submitting to the president for approval,

22. Ask for a permission from the president when having an appointment from a guest or journalist,

23. Undertake other tasks related to the administrative works as required by the president and working team,


24. Directly manage the income and expense budget in the association,

25. Keep the funds and send the association’s bank account to the bank for updating,

26. Report the account balance sheet of the product, revenue and expense account with deposit receipt and other relevant documents to the head of operation unit,

27. Report the balance sheet of inventory, assets and half-year and annual fixed assets to the head of operation unit to follow up and approve before submitting to the annual assembly or board of directors,

28. Be a signatory with the president on income and expense of the association and other relevant documents.

29. Coordinate with program staffs to draft and finalize budget plan and monitor, analyze the budget expense on monthly or quarterly and annually basis to balance with the budget given by donors.

30. Contact with the relevant foundations, associations and organizations to prepare an application form for the budget request in accordance with need of the institutions,

31. Every expense for materials and other things buying weekly and monthly, must make a request to the president,

32. Responsible for and manage all account documents and expense report,

33. Prepare and submit report of the income and expense quarterly and annually on regularly basis to president.

34. Undertake any tasks assigned by the president.

II.               Requirements:

1.   The position is open to all potential candidates – both indigenous and Khmer candidates. The female candidates are encouraged to apply.

2.   He/she must be between 18 and 35 years of age,

3.   At least a bachelor degree in the field of finance/accounting or relevant fields,

4.   At least 2 year-working experience in field of finance and administrative management,

5.   Knowledgeable in the proposal and budget preparation and development,

6.   Computer literacy: excellent of QuickBooks, Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Internet, and Email,

7.   English ability: can read, write and communicate well,

8.   Willing to preserve and respect indigenous culture and traditions,

9.   Good in code of conduct, strong in team work and solidarity, and good interpersonal skills,

10.  Dedicated, flexible and fast learning person and able to work in any circumstances,

11.  Understandable and Knowledgeable of the indigenous communities working context/environment and issues.

12.  Able to respect and promote the indigenous peoples’ core value as well as the marginalized group’s and grassroots communities’.

13.  True biography with acceptable referees.

Application Information
Interested candidates are required to submit a Cover Letter and CV (with picture) either by soft copies or by hard copies to the CIYA office (Address: #34, St. 222, Boeng Raing, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and tell: 855 (0) 23 555 0440) or via e-mail:

*** Please be noticed that: only qualified and short-listed candidates will be contacted for the tests.

For more information: please call to +855(0)23-555-0440

Contact Details


# 34 St. 222, Sangkat Beung Raing, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Name :

Mr. Pheap Sochea

E-mail :



**** Please be noticed that the deadline of application submission is on the 30th June 2012 at 17:00PM (Phnom Penh time).
សូមចុចៈ Download here


English only (Not available in Khmer)

Announcement:  We are URGENTLY seeking several potential candidates to fulfill following positions:

  1. Finance and Admin Officer (FAO), 1 position
  2. Program Coordinator (PC), 1 position
  3. Communication Program Officer (PO), 1 position
  4. Program Interns (PIs), 2 positions

For more details please click on download below:

ព័ត៌មានបន្ថែមសូមចុច Download here

Internship Opportunity

CCHR is seeking applications from Cambodian candidates for the position of SOGI Project Intern.


This is a full-time position based in Phnom Penh for a period of six months. The selected candidate will work closely with the SOGI Project. S/he will receive a small monthly stipend.

ព័ត៌មានបន្ថែមសូមចុច Download here



Finance & Admin Assistant


Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA) is non governmental organization registered by the Cambodia governmental since 2008. CIYA is committed to local empowerment by focusing on

Indigenous youths of both sexes studying in Phnom Penh and other provinces   towards building a strong network.  This will help strengthen their solidarity and allow them to build strong capacities, empowering them as the future generation of the indigenous communities they represent. Helping indigenous communities in ensuring the protection and security of their  land and natural resources;  improving their access to healthcare, the maintenance of their livelihoods, particularly their identities such as custom, tradition, beliefs and languages.

Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association is currently recruiting a Finance & Admin Assistant to to assist Finance and Admin Officer (FAO) in oversee and maintaining the CIYA assets and managing its finance and admin recording and transaction.

Job description

–          Responsible for keeping and controlling the petty cash fund

–          Responsible for all purchasing for CIYA

–          Responsible for processing for advance to staffs/members for working

–          Prepare documents to clear cash advances

–          Prepare to fixed asset list for all program assets every quarter or year after physical count was performed and submit FAO for checking and approval

–          Maintains all assets and update register for all project assets

–          Record equipment borrowing by staffs or members

–          Obtains quotations for purchase of fixed asset

–          Prepare quotations summary and submit for president approval

–          Prepare and calculate financial documents and ensure adequate all supporting documents.

–          Assist to review the documents after they have been posted in the QuickBooks system

–          Filing properly all financial documents (PV, RV, JV with adequate supporting documents) agreements, correspondent and personal files.

–          Record staff attendant in attendant sheet and calculate the day of working and absent, then record in leave record form.

–          Perform administrative tasks as required by CIYA

–          Running errands to CIYA

–          Assist activities in program as  required

–          Attend some staff meetings as necessary

–          Send out and keeping on the out going letter to implement partners, donor and another stakeholders.


Qualifications and requirements

1. Must be an indigenous person, CIYA member is more encouraged to apply.

2. University Degree in finance, account or management

3. Experience working on indigenous people issue and knowledgeable of their culture and tradition and willing to maintain and promote indigenous identity and culture.

4. Able to work under pressure, team working challenge, and high commitment to work

  1. Can speak and write English and his/her own indigenous language.
  2. Experience and knowledgeable administration and finance work.

Posting date       :               15-March-2012

Dateline               :               27-March-2012

Result                   :               Only shortlist candidate will contact for interview 


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