2nd President (2010-2012)

       Mr. PHEAP Sochea

M/P: +855-92-617-990

E-mail: pheapsocheaaips@gmail.com

Personal Data:

– Ethnicity : Bunong

– Nationality : Cambodian

– Date of Birth : 04 April 1985

– Marital status : Single

– Place of Birth : Puchhorp, Dak Dam, Orang, Mondolkiri, Cambodia

Expertise: 4-year-working experiences with both national and international experts and have the following expertise:

  • Well aware about indigenous perspectives particularly indigenous peoples development framework and indigenous development issues in current globalization development issues.
  • Knowledgeable in the development framework particularly developing countries and knowledgeable about the rights-based approach to development and sustainable development framework.
  • Integrated rural development and social enterprise development.
  • Knowledgeable in business administrative management work, project management and project proposal development.
  • Strong in inter-personal skills, public relationship, and community facilitation and
  • coordination and field work.
  • High commitment, self-confidence on and ability to working under pressures in any circumstances
  • Community development assessment and quick learning person on the field work.
  • Report writing both Khmer and English
  • Strong knowledge on indigenous ethnic minority development and adaptation to current development challenges to their livelihood, traditional identity, and culture.
  • Strong field work, highly adaptable and strong understanding with local community of diverse indigenous ethnic groups
  • English proficiency/Translating skills: Bunong-English, Khmer-English and skillful in speaking, writing, listening and reading.
  • Computer literacy included Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Project, Adobe Photoshop, Internet, E-mail, QuickBooks and SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)
  • Skills in research methodologies: Hazard, Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (HVCA), Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), and Sustainable Livelihood Framework Development. And I have done successfully the thesis writing with Royal University of Agriculture majoring Agricultural Economics and Rural Development on “The study on the impact of natural hazard and deforestation on the livelihood of Bunong indigenous people, Dak Dak commune, O Rang District, Mondulkiri province”.

Member of professional institution and civic:

  • Aug 2009-2010: Have been working as a Program Officer of Analyzing Development Issues with Southeast Asia Development Program—Cambodia (SADP-Cambodia). This program major objective is to empower critically to the communities in absorbing and understanding about higher level issues and analytical skills to protect their rights and interests and promote self-determined development. The development issues focus on climate change impact, economic land concession, forest degradation, fishery degradation and other emergeddevelopment issues from the globalization and current regional and global integration issues.
  •  2009-2010: I have been elected as the President of ASPECA Student Center (ASPECA is an organization working with poor and vulnerable students, and children of Cambodia to assist in providing scholarship, food, study materials, and accommodation. This organization has built its orphanages almost every 24 province and municipalities of Cambodia. ASPECA student association is under the structure of ASPECA organization. The president of the ASPECA Student Center plays an important role in facilitating, supervising and management more than 187 students from every part of Cambodia, and seeking for fund to support any study-related programs and the most vulnerable students).
  •  2008-present: a member of United Nations Indigenous Youth Caucus since 2008. Currently we have just attended the 9th session UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFii) in New York with the 9th session special theme on: Indigenous Peoples; Development with culture and identity. In this event, I have influenced of provided greater and effective input in the joint statement with UN Indigenous Youth Caucus and Asia Indigenous Caucus on the current development issues in Cambodia.
  •  2005-present: I have involved with the initial establishment of Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA) since 2005 at East West Management Institution (EWMI). My current role in CIYA as a voluntarily active member with play key role in: (i) assist in arranging CIYA meeting; (ii) involve with by-law development; (iii) involve with raising fund through proposal development; (iv) in charge of planning, member evaluation and monitoring and; (iv) help conduct any related workshops to indigenous people issues and development in the context of Cambodia.

Education Background:

2005-2009: BA graduated student with Royal University of Agriculture majoring in Agricultural Economics Rural Development (my research topic of thesis is “ The Study on the Impact of Environmental Degradation and Natural Hazards on the Livelihood of the Bunong Indigenous People in Dak Dam commune, Ou Reang District, Mondolkiri province”)

2006-2009: Undergraduate student with University of Cambodia majoring in Business Management (part-time, weekend session). Postponed.

2003-2005: Toul Tom Poung High School

1999-2003: Sangkum Reasniyom Secondary school and High School in Mondulkiri Province


Professional Training:

1- Certificate of Organizational Development at International Training & Management Solution 2007

2- Certificate of Participation on the Sub-Regional Training 2007 on Human Rights Based Approach to Development and Indigenous Peoples, Baguio City, Philippines.

International and Regional Workshop:

19-30 Apr 2010: Cambodia Indigenous Youth Delegate to participate in the 9 session of  United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) on the special

theme: Indigenous peoples: development with culture and identity; articles 3 and 32 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

17-19 Nov 2008: Cambodia Indigenous Youth Representative to participate in the International Technical Workshop Indicators Relevant for Indigenous Peoples at AIM Igorot Lodge, Camp John Hay, Bagio City, Philippines technically focusing on Monitoring Implementation of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP); ILO 169 and 107; Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) through Indicators Relevant for Indigenous Peoples; Options for indicators of traditional occupations based on the International Standard Classification(ISCO) of ILO, indicators of language, of Food and Nutrition Security, of socio-demography—urbanization, and land use—CBD 10 case studies; National and sub-national experiences sharing on Measuring of the Well-being of indigenous peoples which done by Aboriginal peoples in Canada, Australia, Nepal, Philippines and India.

21-27 Sept 2008: Cambodia Indigenous Youth Representative to participate in the 4th Indigenous Development Conference, Sabah, Malaysia focusing on United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, ILO convention 169 and 107, traditional occupation, follow up the recommendation of the 3rd session of Indigenous Development Conference held in Nepal, and other key activities regarding to indigenous issues.

20 Apr-4 May 2008: Cambodia Indigenous Youth Representative to participate in the 7th United Nation Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) with the special theme: Climate change, bio-cultural diversity and livelihoods: the stewardship role of indigenous peoples and new challenges.

 24-31 Oct 2007: Cambodia Indigenous Representative to participate in the Sub-Regional Training on the Human Rights Based Approaches (HRBA) to Indigenous Development, Baguio, Philippines which focused on basic knowledge on HRBA to development, HRBA programming process, evaluation and monitoring from HRBA perspectives, develop a practical training module appropriate for indigenous peoples, human rights (HR), UN and its HR system, HR concept and bill of rights, concepts of indigenous peoples, and United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFii), UN special rapporteur on human rights and fundamental freedom of indigenous peoples, international financial institutions and development funders.

10-16 Sept 2007: Cambodia Indigenous Youth Representative participated in the 3rd Indigenous Development Conference, Phokara, Nepal which focused on thematic discussion on the political/institutional/juridical development of indigenous peoples and indigenous governance—cultural integrity development. 

Working Experience:

15 Feb-15 May 2009: Research assistant for the research project on “Mapping Vulnerability to Natural Hazard based in Mondolkiri province”. The project was executed by International Organization for Migration (IOM) associated National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM). The project focuses on ethnic minority in Mondolkiri province. My major roles in the research project included: (i) assist the research team in doing research planning and follow up and implement the proposed plan, (ii) assist research team leader to carry out the workshop of Hazard, Vulnerability, and Capacity Assessment (HVCA) in target village played as translator Khmer-Bunong, and workshop coordinator , and preparing HVCA report, (iii) assist research team leader in overall project management and coordination including financial report, filing arrangement, and other administrative task. find the assistance effort in the report/publication of IOM known as Mapping Vulnerability to Natural Hazard in Mondulkiri province (please kindly find it in: http://www.iom.int/jahia/webdav/shared/shared/mainsite/activities/countries/docs/Final-Report-Mapping-Vulnerability-Natural-Hazards-Mondulkiri.pdf

17- 24 Jan 2009: Research assistant on the relationship between elephants and Bunong livelihood in terms of social, economic, and cultural aspects. And the impact of newly-economic transformation of Cambodia and regional integration on the domestic and wild elephants.

27 Oct-2 Nov 2008: Bunong-Khmer-English translator and Facilitator in program designation through participatory and consultation process of Oxfam Hong Kong on the Indigenous Peoples Well-Being, held in Mondolkiri province.

2007-2008: Vice President Senate with the University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) for evening session. My key roles included: (i) consultatively set up and implement the program of capacity building designed by the UCSS; (ii) assist in problem solving and seeking for the unintended gaps between UC students and its administrative works; (iii) writing and filing the report sending to the University of Cambodia officers; and (iv) planning, fund raising and arranging the study tours or implementing the proposed activities for the next month.

2005-present: Facilitator and active member of Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA). I have involved since the initial establishment of CIYA included: (i) mobilize other indigenous youths to be part of CIYA member, (ii) develop by-law of CIYA, (iii) draft budget and action plan of CIYA, (iv) arrange and facilitate the CIYA meeting and local and national workshop in cooperation with the local concerned NGOs working on indigenous issues, (v) develop proposal in order to do the fund raising, and (vi) play the key roles in the critical decision making regarding to CIYA policies done by the CIYA steering management committee.

2006-2007: Project coordinator of Indigenous Livelihood Development Program based in Mondolkiri province which mainly focuses on the Bunong ethnic minority. My key roles included in coordinating and implement the proposed plan and policies done at the higher level or steering management committee.

January –March 2007: Bunong-Khmer-English Translator and Interpreter of the Environment Resources Management Pty Ltd in the form of assessment on the impacts of mining exploration held before the implement the pilot project done by BHP Billiton based in Mondolkiri province.

 Scholarship Awarded:

2005-2009 Royal University of Agriculture majoring in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development funded by Cambodia Government

2007-2008 Outstanding Student award with Royal University of Agriculture with total fund 40,000 Japanese Yen from the Japan International Cooperation Fund (JICF).

2006-2007 Outstanding Student award with Royal University of Agriculture with the total fund 40,000 Japanese Yen from the Japan International Cooperation Fund (JICF).

Language Proficiency

Bunong Mother tongue

Khmer Native

English Very good

French Can write and write (fair)


– Reading, playing football and watching TV.



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