As stated in its Association Strategy Plan, that the motivation of women participation in this program has been promoted, both male and female youths have equal rights in joining the network, especially in making decision among their network. Among focal persons of the IP youth network, we encourage to involve the same amount of women and men which 50%-50%. In addition to the equal number of female and male numbers in the groups, female member’s roles in the group also promoted to be as what male members have such as opportunities to attend the training and meeting with CIYA active members, free expression during the dialogues, and to speak on behalf of the networks. In addition, the youth network will also integrate gender issue during their dialogues. With a focus on this, all CIYA staff and members keep an eye on look for a matter of gender in all their activities implementation. With the report, gender matter must be highlighted to be the point for the discussion toward the improvement.

To be able in addressing the gender mainstreaming issues and to integrate gender perspective to the program implementation, all CIYA staff and members will be trained on this matter prior to the commencement of the program implementation. A professional person working in gender issue will be invited to train them and also to help in monitoring the gender issues in the program implementation. This gender trainer and CIYA management will be in touch and cooperation for addressing the issue of gender mainstreaming when it occurs during the implementation.


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