Based on its by-law, CIYA has two kinds of members –active members and secondary members who are based throughout Cambodia. In total, CIYA now has 45 active members and other more than 200 secondary members (as of October 2010). The active members are mostly the indigenous youths who are living, working and/or studying in Phnom Penh, and the secondary members are mostly living in the provinces or in communities.

 The active members are the actors of CIYA who provide implement the objectives in the field. This is to gain both – capacity building for the member themselves as well as the outputs. Most secondary members are located in provinces and act as the network of CIYA in those areas. They too are able to sometimes take part in implementing activities with the association.

The operation unit is building capacity of the members for their own career as well as to work for their communities in accordance to its possible work plan. As they are all from villages, the basic methodology of CIYA in providing service to support the indigenous people is very much easy that they will be staying for a few weeks in those communities for working via the community dialogue or interaction.

The numbers of its female members is less than the male numbers. That why, to encourage the ambitious motivation of association mission we have stated in our five-year strategic plan that to involve/engage all of female members in any activities from 2011-2015.


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